Hoenig SEP/OCT 2019 Newsletter


Hoenig August update from the field

"'We should all be careful that we look at working with these children and families as a GIFT, and not something to be boasted about.' - Francis Chan..."

Hoenig July/August 2019 Newsletter

We are thankful...

August 5th 2019

God Ordained Moments

I (Maverick) was recently in a small local coffee shop when I overheard two teenagers talking about missions and one was talking about how she just returned from Africa on a missions trip, which peaked my interest, so I introduced myself and we swapped stories of how God called us each to mission. We were able to encourage and pray for one another. This God ordained moment was a confirmation of what God has been instilling in us lately of how important it is for us to remember that we are on this mission together with other believers! God is a big God -- His purposes will be accomplished among the earth, and He has given us the special privilege to partner with Him in the Great Commission! 

July 20th 2019

With God all things are possible!


50 years ago on this day a man walked on the MOON! How amazing is that. God has given us an astounding intellect to accomplish the seemingly impossible, I heard that even the word impossible says, I'mPossible :) Haha! We were so blown away that through the kindness of others we were able to raise 1000 dollars in our Hope in Jesus T-shirt campaign to go towards our Kenyan Visa Costs and Plane Tickets.


What we are most thrilled about is that all those who wear this T-shirt will be sharing a bit of hope to a desperate and hopeless world! If you still would like a shirt, they are available at:



We have recently heard from the company processing our Kenyan Work Visas that there is currently a two-week freeze on Visas and all immigration workers are required to meet in Nairobi.


We know God's timing and plans are perfect so would you continue with us in prayer and believing through faith that our Kenyan Work Visas would be approved!


Thank you!  - Mav and Amy

June 26th 2019

Hope in Jesus T- Shirt

We have started a T-Shirt Campaign to sell 300 T-shirts that Maverick designed to help us with our moving costs to get to Kenya. Moving to a new country is expensive and challenging but it is all worth it as we focus on the ultimate goal of bringing HOPE IN JESUS to those in need. Would you consider buying a T-shirt and supporting our mission to GO! 

To see the different styles and colors available you can visit:


Or Click the T-Shirt on the right! 

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Hoenig May 2019 Newsletter

Beaten Broken, Hopeless...

Hoenig March/April 2019 Newsletter

In Kenya For Seven Weeks!

March 22nd, 2019

Settling in...

We are settling in well here in Kitale. Our boys are finally warming up to the Challenge Farm kids who have been so sweet and welcoming to Jonah and Hudson. We love the kids here so much and are so happy God has brought us here to care for them and feed into their lives and they also encourage us daily!

February 5th, 2019

Leaving today for Africa!

Today is the day our family leaves for Africa! We fly out of Raleigh NC headed to London, then after a two hour layover, we board the next plane where we will be headed straight to Nairobi! We will spend a few days in Nairobi meeting and getting to know some new friends there. Then we are off on our shortest flight to the Challenge Farm in Kitale, Kenya on Feb 11th.


Please keep us in your prayers and that the boys will be okay on all these flights!  

~~Enjoy some sounds of Kenya below ~~

January  22nd, 2019


Packing and getting ready for our Kenya departure on February 5th!

January  19th, 2019


Please pray for those who are suffering due to this terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya...

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Hoenig Christmas 2018 Newsletter

We are thankful...

December 2nd, 2018

Family Time! 


We are excited to be spending some much needed time with family and friends during this transition time.


Sometimes it feels like a dream that we were just in China, but we are excited to announce shortly a great opportunity our family has coming up!


Amy's parents treated us to Disney on Ice in Greensboro, NC and the boys really enjoyed it! Jonah was focused the whole time, while Hudson soldiered through just to the intermission. :)


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